Few words unspoken….

•March 2, 2007 • 8 Comments

Ever observed the serenity of an ocean, the slight movement on the surface doesn’t give a slightest hint of fathomless depths underneath. Here is a person who can match the vastness, tranquility and depth of an ocean. Punit Vasu, the more I know him, the more I get awestruck by his personality. Famous as “Shahrukh look alike”, this man takes success as well as failure so easily in his stride that an outsider won’t even know what’s hidden behind his million dollar smile.

He was the first person I got acquainted to at Great Lakes. There is something in his way of speaking, which makes people comfortable in the very first meeting. There is an assurance in his eyes that says “everything’s gonna be alright” and you feel relaxed in the worst of circumstances.

His mere presence will make you feel so comfortable that you will completely disarm yourself and share with him your deepest worries and dilemmas. A popular astrologist that he is, (though, contrary to popular opinion, I still think 60% of what he says is bluff), he is privy to personal life of so many people that I sometimes wonder, how can a person preserve so many secrets. A person with a rock hard value system that remains unshakeable in circumstances where normal people start modifying their values as per their needs. A person who possesses an enviable reasoning matched with a subtle authority in voice that floored even Prof. Venkat Krishnan. …Kya likhun, jo bhi likhun kam hi lag raha hai…

I remember the words that he said while holding my hands, when I was going for PINC interview, “ bhai kuch dil mein mat rakhna, jo kuch andar hai bahar nikal dena” I can’t explain what comfort these few words brought. (Woh baat alag hai maine interview mein kuch zyada hi bahar nikal diya).

Punit, jo tumne mere liye kiya hai aajkal blood relations nahin kiya karte…


Khamoshi ki Zuban ( Voice of Silence )

•December 19, 2006 • 12 Comments

कभी पेहले प्यार का इज़्हार करने की हिचकिचाहट,

तो कभी किसी रिश्ते के टूटने की आहट,

कभी किसी गल्ती को छिपाती भोली मुस्कान,

तो कभी एक पल की खमोशी बयान करती अनकही दास्तान,

कभी अपलक नज़रों में बिखरते वक़्त का आभास,

तो कभी एक दूसरों की बाहों में सिमटता दूरियों का एहसास,

कभी बन्द मुठ्ठी में छिपी जंग की आग़ाज़,

तो कभी एक स्पर्श में बेहती ममता की फ़ुहार,

कभी यादों के गलियारे में खोयी एकटक निगाहें,

तो कभी अपनी मजबूरी बयाँ करती बेबस आँहें,

ना शब्दों की दरकार है, ना आवाज़ की मोहताज़,

हर जज़्बे को खुद में समेटे , ख़ामोशी की ज़ुबान

Hello world!

•December 8, 2006 • 9 Comments

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